Self-Managed Super Fund

If you have your own Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), you may want to diversify your investments and include property in the portfolio.

Loans for SMSF purposes are more complex than regular loans. They require expertise and experience, of which we have both. SMSF lenders can also differ greatly, especially in regards to fees and interest rates. We are highly experienced at lending for SMSF purposes and have a large suite of lenders available to us for these borrowing scenarios.

Basic SMSF information.

  • We are able to obtain funding for residential and commercial property purchases, or refinance your existing SMSF loans.
  • A SMSF can invest in all types of real property including residential, commercial, industrial and farms.
  • A SMSF can be used to buy residential properties and this can create great tax advantages for investing in property. Strict Tax Office guidelines must be met and we are happy to guide you through the complex process to ensure tax compliance. Servicing requirements, interest rates, loan-to-value ratios and guarantees from the trustee(s) are some of the differences to normal lending.
  • Residential purchases can include : houses, townhouses and apartments.
  • A SMSF can also be used to purchase commercial properties; either to lease out to tenants or you can lease the property for your own business via the SMSF. We understand how to structure your commercial loans to meet strict lending criterias and the Tax Office requirements.
  • Commercial purchases can include : shops, factory premises, offices and warehouses, but not for new constructions.

Here at Loans on the Run, we understand the complexities of SMSF lending. That comes from substantial experience. We also have close relationships with a number of accountants, legal personnel and financial planners which gives us the advantage of obtaining up-to-date and expert SMSF advice.  You should always speak with your accountant or financial planner when deciding to invest, or alternatively, we can refer you to expert practitioners to set up your trust fund and give you advice. 

We are the chosen and preferred financial team for a number of accountants and financial planners in Melbourne, who trust us to look after their SMSF lending requirements, in addition to our commercial, business and home lending.

We can help you with your self-managed super.

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